The History of the Mobile Azalea Trail
Picture of Trail Maids circa 1960

The Mobile Azalea Trail began as a project by Mr. Sam Lackland and the Mobile Junior Chamber of Commerce, now known as the Mobile Jaycees, in 1929 to encourage citizens of Mobile to plant azaleas that would line local street. The Azalea Trail ran through many areas of the city and was marked by a pink line that ran through the middle of the street.

The Trail Maid Court began as a group of 10 girls who would gather over a three day period to help greet visitors to the opening of the Trail every year. The popularity of the Azalea Trail Court grew so popular during the 1950's that girls from around the Southeast were bidding to be a member of the court. A decision was made to only allow girls from Mobile County to particpate in the court and the America's Junior Miss was formed as scholarship program for girls around the country. The court as grown from its original 10 that only gathered for three days to 50 girls that represent the city of Mobile year round.

My Azalea Trail Maid Group.
A Trail Maid with a question.
My Azalea Trail Group at the 2000 City Interviews.
An Azalea
New Trail Maid Susanna with her congrats letter.
New Azalea Trail Maids at the Queen's Reception.
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Trail Maids at the first step of the dress making process.
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Girls on stage at the America's Junior Miss.
Trail Maids at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Green Azalea Trail Maid
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