Mobile Jaycees & Young Women's Civic Club

There are two organizations that help keep the Mobile Azalea Trail Court up and running. The Mobile Jaycee's run all administrative aspects for the Mobile Azalea Trail. They help organize trips, appearances and fundraisers for the Trail Maids. The Young Women's Civic Club provides 11 advisors for the Trail Court, one head advisor and 10 advisors who advise a group of 5 girls each. Each advisor is responsible for keeping their girls informed of their appearances and other events. The YWCC also provides a $1,000 scholarship called the "Kaitlin Marie Overstreet Memorial Scholarship" to one outstanding Trail Maid each year.

For more information about the Young Women's Civic Club, visit their site by clicking here.

My Azalea Trail Maid Group
A Trail Maid with a question.
Trail Maids circa 1960.
My Azalea Trail group at the 2000 City Interviews.
An Azalea
New Azalea Trail Maid Susanna with her letter of congrats.
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New Trail Maids at the Queen's Reception.
Trail Maids at the first step of the dress making process.
Example of Lavender Dress
The girls on stage at the American's Junior Miss.
Trail Maids at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Green Azalea Trail Maid
The Queen's Reception
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